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  January 25, 2008  —  Guest Speaker: N/A  —  Capital Market Expectations
      • Market efficiency
      • Most investors do not beat the market, but where are those that do?
      • How are returns calculated and how does inflation affect returns?
      • The equity premium
      • Mean reversion

  January 18, 2008  —  Guest Speaker: N/A  —  A Historical Analysis of Market Volatility
      • The difference between information and knowledge.
      • Is "after the fact" market information relevant?
      • How often does taking on equity risk pay off?
      • The importance of remaining disciplined and staying the course with your investment strategy.

  January 11, 2008  —  Guest Speaker: Weston Wellington  —  The Average Investor
      • Attempting to pick winning stocks.
      • Getting in and out of the market.
      • Sitting on the sidelines until things get better.

  January 04, 2008  —  Guest Speaker: N/A  — Evaluating Your Portfolio
      • Why it is important to stick to your investment plan?
      • The importance of knowing your risk tolerance.
      • Understanding different asset classes available.
      • Ways to make smart adjustments to your portfolio.

  December 28, 2008  —  Guest Speaker: N/A  — Diversification
      • How to stay focused during tough economic times.
      • Building a successful budgeting strategy.
      • What is an asset class?
      • Understanding the P/E ratio.

  December 21, 2008  —  Guest Speaker: N/A  — End of Year Financial Planning
      • What should investors be watching out for when year-end planning?
      • Investment Philosophy.
      • Know yourself - investor's mistakes related to risk.
      • Not relying on familiar stocks for portfolio performance.

  December 14, 2008  —  Guest Speaker: Larry Swedroe  — Common Mistakes Made by Investors
      • Making Prudent investment decisions.
      • Expenses and market timing eat up your returns.
      • What should investors be doing today?
      • Should you ever deviate from your investment plan?

  November 15, 2008  —  Guest Speaker:  N/A  — Troubling Signs in the Economy
      • How to put this current economic and investment environment into perspective.
      • Signs of hope both domestically and around the world.
      • What you should be doing during these rocky times.
      • Advice for investors and savers of all ages.
      • The importance of staying educated.

  November 8, 2008  —  Guest Speaker:  N/A  — The Election And the Stock Market
      • What does a new president mean for this stock market?
      • How will increased taxes impact the market and the economy?
      • The benefits of tax loss harvesting.
      • Opportunities from re-balancing your portfolio during a bear market.
      • Inflation-Protected Securities.

  October 26, 2008  —  Guest Speaker:  N/A  — What are Investors Doing Wrong?
      • The pitfalls of selling equity during market downturns.
      • The historical performance of equity after a financial crisis.
      • Why you should invest early: compounding interest.
      • How emotions can negatively affect the management of your portfolio.

  October 19, 2008  —  Guest Speaker:  N/A  — A Historical Perspective on Current Market Conditions
      • How unusual is the current market volatility?
      • Are we headed toward another Great Depression?
      • Is it wise to avoid equities until the market conditions improve?
      • What your advisors should be doing to help you through this time.

  October 12, 2008  —  Guest Speaker: Ethan Broga CFP®, MS   — The Current Financial Crisis and Market Bubbles
      • An introduction to Robert Shiller's interview on the subprime mortgage crisis.
      • What can we learn from market bubbles?
      • Embracing market efficiency during a volatile market.
      • How to avoid being caught in a bubble: staying diversified.

  October 5, 2008  —  Guest Speaker: Ethan Broga CFP®, MS   — An "Empirical" Market Outlook
      • Managing your portfolio during volatile market times.
      • Pros and cons of annuity products.
      • Does stock picking work? Can you really "beat the market"?
      • Savings and allocation recommendations.

  September 28, 2008  —  Guest Speaker: Bill Bachrach, CSP  — Values-Based Financial Planning
      • What is Values-Based Financial Planning?
      • Why is it important to understand and review your values?
      • The distinction between your values and goals.
      • The difference between the "Do-it yourselfers", "Collaborators" and "Delegators".

  September 21, 2008  —  Guest Speaker:  N/A  — Investing During Turbulent Markets
      • What to do financially in an unstable market.
      • The difference between compensated and uncompensated risk.
      • How can you prepare your portfolio for turbulent markets?
      • The real function of bonds in a diversified portfolio.

  September 14, 2008  —  Guest Speaker: Eugene F. Fama & Jiawen Shi  — Fund Performance/Educational Savings
      • Interview with Eugene Fama.
      • What is a Coverdale educational savings account?
      • Are there any limitations placed on account contributors?
      • Do Coverdale accounts have special tax advantages?
      • How Coverdale accounts differ from the educational 529 plans?

  September 07, 2008  —  Guest Speaker: N/A  —  Social Security Benefits
      • What are the tax implications on Social Security ?
      • Does Social Security recognize common law marriage?
      • How long must a person work to become eligible for Social Security benefits?
      • Should younger generations rely on Social Security for their retirement plan?

  August 31, 2008  —  Guest Speaker: N/A  —  Maximizing your Retirement Account
      • Choosing appropriate investments for your retirement plan.
      • How much should you contribute to your company retirement account?
      • How often should you make changes to your retirement accounts?
      • Withdrawing money from your retirement account before retirement.

  August 24, 2008  —  Guest Speaker: Ashley Dahl & Ethan Broga  —  Asset Protection and Stock Investments
      • Protecting your assets in banks and brokerage houses.
      • Six tips on asset protection.
      • How a careful separation of assets can maximize FDIC coverage.
      • The importance of staying invested during market downturns.

  August 17, 2008  —  Guest Speaker: Ethan Broga & Steven Guichard  —  Frontier Markets and Non-Portfolio Risks
      • What an unbrella policy or life insurance can do for you.
      • Asset Protection.
      • Frontier markets and the risks associated with this "hot new asset class".
      • Why investing rules of thumb don't apply to everyone.

  August 10, 2008  —  Guest Speaker: Dr. Harry Markowitz  —  Modern Portfolio Theory
      • What is Modern Portfolio Theory and how has it impacted investing today?
      • The correlation of risks.
      • The power of diversification.
      • Why using multiple asset classes is important.

  August 03, 2008  —  Guest Speaker: N/A  —  Empirical's Passive Approach to Investing
      • The importance of staying invested during unpromising market times.
      • Differing risk levels can affect a portfolio's return.
      • Picking an advisor who is right for you.

  July 27, 2008  —  Guest Speaker: John R. Nofsinger, PhD  —  Overcoming Psychological Setbacks When Investing
      • How do our emotions impact investing?
      • The familiarity, herding and over confidence effects of investing.
      • Acknowledging and overcoming psychological obstacles when investing.

  July 20, 2008  —  Guest Speaker: N/A  —  The Role of Empirical Wealth Management
      • Why the passive approach is the right path to take.
      • Bear markets and the best time to buy.
      • The importance of being invested in all asset classes.

  July 13, 2008  —  Guest Speaker: Larry Swedroe  —  Inflation
      • Inflation and the impact on investing.
      • Should you buy gold in times of inflation?
      • Inflation protected bonds.
      • The negative impact of following a market “Guru”.

  July 06, 2008  —  Guest Speaker: Larry Swedroe  —  Annuities: Should You Invest?
      • Why investors should not invest in hedge funds.
      • The impact of a weak versus strong US dollar.
      • The costs of an active strategy.
      • The benefits of adopting a passive strategy.

  June 29, 2008  —  Guest Speaker: Dr. Leonard Mlodinow  —  Randomness, Chance, and Probability
      • The effects of randomness, chance, and probability on our lives.
      • Applying "The Drunkards Walk" to the investment world.
      • Stock picking vs. index funds.
      • The art of perseverance.

  June 22, 2008  —  Guest Speaker: Larry Swedroe  —  Market Efficiency
      • How do capital markets really work?
      • Larry Swedroe's view on market efficiency.
      • Larry Swedroe's arguements for passive investing.
      • How do hedge funds fit into an efficient market?

  June 15, 2008  —  Guest Speaker: Ethan Broga CFP®, MS  —  Investing in Emerging Markets
      • What is an emerging economy?
      • What does it take for emerging markets to grow and prosper?
      • Why should you be invested in emerging markets?
      • Best ways to invest in emerging markets.

  June 08, 2008  —  Guest Speaker: Steven Guichard  —  Hedge Funds
      • What are hedge funds and should you invest in them?
      • The risks and expenses of hedge funds.
      • What are some of the SEC regulations that hedge funds have?
      • How to get started in investing?

  June 01, 2008  —  Guest Speaker: Pamela B. Wilkinson  —  Changes in Tax Rates for 2008
      • Recent changes in capital gains tax rates.
      • The overlooked importance of fixed income.
      • How do maturity and credit risk affect your bond portfolio?
      • What does an active manager do?

  May 25, 2008  —  Guest Speaker: Michael Van Sant CFP®  —  College Savings
      • Best ways to start saving for your child's education.
      • What is a 529 Plan and how does it help you save?
      • How to retire without running out of money.
      • What is diversification?

  May 18, 2008  —  Guest Speaker: Dale H. Glasser, CPA  —  Starting a New Business
      • The type of entity choice.
      • What are the benefits of being incorporated in Nevada?
      • Advantages of starting a business with a CPA or Attorney.
      • Discrepancies in the fund rating system.
      • What is a separate account?

  May 11, 2008  —  Guest Speaker: Luke E. Thomas  —  Estate Planning
      • Consequences of not having a will or revocable trust.
      • Differences between a will and revocable trust.
      • The baby boomer challenge: Building and protecting your assets.

  May 04, 2008  —  Guest Speaker: Peter K. Goerlitz  —  Healthcare Insurance
      • Planning for healthcare insurance during the retirement stage.
      • What is a healthcare savings account?

  April 27, 2008  —  Guest Speaker: N/A  —  Passive vs. Active Management
      • A flash back to index funds.
      • The benefits of passive management.

  April 20, 2008  —  Guest Speaker: Margae Diamond & Ashley K. Dahl  —  Charitable Giving
      • Where do market returns come from?
      • What is charitable giving and how can you benefit from it?
      • How are donor advised funds used?

  April 13, 2008  —  Guest Speaker: N/A  —  Investment Advisors
      • How do you choose the right advisor?
      • Should investors really buy gold?

  April 05, 2008  —  Guest Speaker: Susan Sabella  —  Long Term Care
      • The importance of long term care planning.
      • What is long term care and who can benefit from it?
      • The difference between long term care and disability insurance.

  March 29, 2008  —  Guest Speaker: N/A  —  The Passive Approach
      • Active vs. passive managers.
      • Participating in the world economy.
      • Bond portfolios.

  March 22, 2008  —   Guest Speaker: Ethan Broga CFP®, MS  —  Individual Retirement Account
      • What are IRA's and what are the difference between each IRA availabile?
      • Who should have an IRA and Roth?
      • What's new in the year 2008?

  March 15, 2008  —  Guest Speaker: Steve Weisman  —  Identity Theft
      • How can identity theft effect you?
      • How can we protect ourselves from identity theft?
      • What actions should be taken if we become victims of identity theft?
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